Monday, March 23, 2009

OOPS- I misspoke!

In my last post I stated I had about 200 bookmarks. I guess I was wrong- my computer tells me I have 1644 bookmarks!! Wow- Yikes! I guess I have a lot of blogs I like! I also have quite a bit of organizing to do- so I can finally find what I am looking for! oh my my bookmarks are looking like my storage room- ahhhhhhh!

Feel free to leave a comment whenever you want! I love them and it connects me to you- bloggy friend! I have thought about combining my blogs- is it a hassle to read each one or do you usually tune into one and not the others? I would be interested to know. If one goes- it would be this one ;-(

I feel like they all have a different purpose but we will see.
Blessings to you!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Amazing Blogs and Amazing People!

I love to look at blogs when I have a free moment and since I can never remember which ones I love- I have been book marking them. Well, needless to say I must have 200 plus bookmarks and of course that makes it difficult for me to find them or anything else! 

I am amazed at how many incredible people there are out there!  I love to read about them, their thoughts, and their life/family stories. They are really jaw dropping incredible!  You probably already know many of them but for me some are new discoveries and some I have been following for awhile. I love to see the connections between bloggy friends. One good blog leads to another! Some families have been through tragic situations that has lead them down this road. Their stories are heart warming and you can see the hand of God in their lives. Those that I like best are usually written by individuals who love the lord, love children, family and adoption. Some are homeschooler and some are not.  A little humor is a good thing- we all need a laugh! A smile to lighten up our load and to remind us of all the joys and blessings we have. 

Here are 3 new favs of mine!

Trina's blog - she is a mom of 6 children! Her daughter Alexis 15 yrs, does blog makeovers. She was the one that did the Saunders' blog makeover! 

Christy O.'s blog - They have 5 children at home and 2 more from Ethiopia on the way!

Beth's blog - They have 9 children! They just brought 3 sisters home from Ethiopia, one month ago! 

I hope you enjoy them! They are incredible people with awesome families! Thank you Jesus!!

I added a pic in of our family from Christmas- it just doesn't seem right to have a post without a pic!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wild Olive Tees!

Hey Gang-although my gang on this blog is quite small I just want to put in a good plug for a brand new business that just got off the ground! My guess is it will do quite well! Check on this blog ! Or this website !

It's all about "spreading God's word and raising his kingdom!" Wild Olive donates 10% of its profits to Christian based charities and non profit organizations! This month they are teaming up with Shaohannah's Hope! I wonder who it will be next month! The tee shirts they are selling are so cool! I am planning to put in an order soon! If you order before March 31st you get free shipping!

My only question is why didn't I think of this! 
God's blessings on your new business!