Sunday, February 8, 2009

Until You Are 8 yrs Old...

Hubby and I try to connect in the evening to make sure we are both on the same parenting track. This weekend Daddy took over many of the responsibilities because I was just feeling like I needed a little break. We have a family wedding coming up and I needed to get something to wear and get something for the girls. Just so you know that is not an easy task- if you did not buy a dressy holiday dress in December you are out of luck because now we have the spring line- in MN., oh please- don't I wish! So the girls are wearing a dress from the GAP cruise line WITH a little sweater and thank goodness I was able to get tights to match. Not exactly what I was looking for but it works. We will be dropping them off at the door and hopefully doing some serious dancing to warm up!

Hubby realizes that it is very busy and a bit tiring with the girls all day! - although very fun and not too tiring to add another special little girl to the family- I just want to make that clear JUST in case my agency is reading this post!! So we are talking about the fact that we have to set limits and if we bring them to an event ... okay lets just say big brothers soccer game that we do not need to hand out quarters for candy and little worthless prizes throughout the whole game. Yeah , you guessed it- Daddy is a favorite now!

Well again- I need to get back on track- so we have set a few limits-
1. We happily carry Sarah in the house whenever we can. We do not carry her outside of our home.
2. No gum- IF you have been following along you will know that we have been to the dentist/endodontist 7 times. NO gum and no sticky candy or fruit snacks.
3. As far as bargaining goes- Mom and Dad make the decisions. We listen BUT we make the final decision
4. We are done with school when we are done with what we need to get done. No bargaining about that either.
5. love is never ending- we will hug, kiss and hold anytime.
6. okay, there are more that we discussed but they are evolving. We will be working something out for that 4-5:30 timeframe when we all are tired, a little crabby, hungry and maybe need a little space (hello- me!)

So then hubby says to me can you imagine not being loved until you were 8 yrs old............

Gulp, I was speechless. I have never thought of it like that... it breaks my heart. She is so incredible, so precious, such a gift from God and we love her so much! It almost takes my breathe away. Older child adoption is so wonderful, we love it, we love her, we love our family with her in it. She was the missing piece to our family puzzle. Bless her sweet heart! I feel like canning the rules and I think patience will be the theme for this week... and the next... and the next...! 

( I know that Sarah was deeply loved by her birth Mom but was unable to experience that love due to their separation.)
(yeah- right now I just want to forget the rules and go hug my sweet little girl)

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Sally- That Girl! said...

Go hug her and love on her and know that she loves the rules too!! She needs them, you need them and that is life!!! You included a rule for unlimited loving, hugging and snuggling!!!